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Our carrier-grade data services to meet your regional and international connectivity needs

IP Transit

The center3 IP Transit service provides Customers with robust and resilient connectivity to the global Internet through dedicated data connections and strong Tier 1 peerings. Clients gain access to the largest and most comprehensive IP networks in the world through center3 extensive peering arrangements with major international carriers and Internet Exchanges.

Terrestrial Capacity

The center3 Terrestrial Capacity service provides point-to-point protected and unprotected terrestrial data connectivity across MENA and beyond with bandwidth capacities ranging from 1Gbps to 100G. Several transport technologies options are available including SDH, Ethernet, MPLS, IP, Dark Fiber, OTN E/O, and DWDM with full mesh protection options. The service is available both in the stc Group footprint (KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait), the MENA region and globally, to offer to our Customers a truly end-to-end solution.

Subsea Capacity

center3 is part of 11 subsea consortiums with 3 new cables under construction. This positions center3 as a leading global subsea operator with landing capability across Europe, Africa, and Asia. On this vast network, center3 offers leased and IRU circuits with various capacities starting from 1Gbps to multiple 100Gbps. center3 global network supports protected options and several transport technologies including SDH, Ethernet, MPLS, IP, Dark Fiber, OTN E/O, and DWDM.

Landing Station Interconnect

The center3 Landing Station Interconnect service enables telecom operators to interconnect undersea cable systems with each other at center3 subsea landing station, as well as with international terrestrial networks. Sitting at the heart of the Middle East, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an ideal location for Telecoms Operators for their capacity transits.

International Internet Connect

The center3 International Internet service provides regional operators in MENA with highly customised connectivity to multiple global Internet hubs. The solution is an end-to-end “port + circuit” bundle including backhaul, landing station access, international capacity and internet port/connection in Europe.

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