center3's Data Center White Space service provides customers with the flexibility to design their own custom infrastructure such as racks or caging, in a Tier Ill or Tier IV data hall

    with center3's advanced data centers

    customers can take advantage of high power density and a range of services that are expected from modern Data Centers

    colocation customers

    receive the same level of service and facilities as those provided to White Space customers

    center3's consultants

    will ensure that the customer\'s technical requirements align with the data center\'s specifications.

the center3 Data Centers

center3 Data Centers adhere to world-class standards and processes, based on continually evolving international best practices. center3's operation and support teams consist of highly skilled network and security engineers who proactively ensure the uninterrupted operations of the Data Centers



    fully redundant

    fully redundant

    secure infrastructure

    secure infrastructure

the data centers have

Dual UPS, dual generator, dual air-conditioning systems, fire suppression systems, intelligent sensors, and round-the-clock surveillance, providing customers with the peace of mind that their data is always safe and secure.

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